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MAWGA Lampwork Dichroic Heart

 The few people who knew me “bs” (that would be “before store”) knew me as a borosilicate glass bead artist. Few remember (or ever knew) that I started my beadmaking career working in soft glass, or that I had chosen to work with dichroic glass. My first work was done in a kiln, fused glass work but I quickly became enamored with flamework. Right now my small cannon of a torch sits idle but I do go pet it once in awhile, ha.

The picture above and the ones below were created in the mid to late 90’s. In trying to move files off my old, sickly computer, onto the new one I discovered these old pictures and thought I would share. I’m not sure if any of my other pictures still exist. Looking at them makes me want to possibly dust off my dichroic glass. It is a fun, yet challenging, beast. 

I started in the early 90’s doing fused glass but quickly became enamored with the thought of melting it in a torch. At the time  there was a small handful of people doing lampwork beads, and no organized groups. There was only scarce information about it so my work was mostly trial and error. Right now my cannon of a torch sits idle, but I do go and pet it once in awhile!

MAWGA Dichroic Lampwork BeadMAWGA Dichroic Lampwork Urn

MAWGA Lampwork Dichroic Vessel


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