One More Week???

Something for Everyone!

Has the panic set in? Though there is still plenty of time to make something for someone, here is an old stand-by that I have used many times! My sons always appreciated getting this instead of a crystal beaded bracelet, though I don’t know why, ha. Just click on the image for the answer to those hard-to-buy-for and impossible-to-make-for people on your gift list.


Now HERE is a Red Bead

The Red Bead

Don’t you love it? This awesome tower of red was created by the wonderfully talented Jill Symons.

Swarovski® Crystalized Pendant

It’s so beautiful I think that it needs another photo. I had never used the hook clasp shown before, but I think it is just perfect for this ensemble. Crystal is nearly impossible for me to photograph well, amateur that I am, so you can imagine how luscious it probably is in person. (btw, my talented son Colin took the second picture!).

The crystal is a chunky 18mm and the necklace is a snap to put together with some simple silverplated findings.

Swarovski® Crystal Pendant with Hook Clasp


I’m happy to announce that one of my best-selling holiday earrings is now available as a components kit available in the store:

Ting-A-Ling Earring Kit

Wayback Machine

I have been slowly trying to retrieve a lot of my old files from my now seriously disabled computer and purging those that I deem no longer necessary. It is a long process and I have decided that one folder a day should do it. Today is day one, whether there will be a day 2 to be determined.

Here is an oldie from one my my “pre-The Red Bead” newsletters that went out to my lampwork customers:

For those who have been with me since Jinx joined the family, she just turned two. She had been having a, erm, dribble problem which was corrected by our vet (thanks to a suggestion by Kristie) with hormones. After taking them for a couple of weeks she had a couple days when she just wasn’t acting like herself. Pacing the floor, sort of aloof. Billy’s comment was “It must be the hormones. She’s moody and irritable and these ARE female hormones, right? Look what they do to…….uh………”. Then, looking up at me with that “should I go get the shovel so you can dig yourself a REALLY big hole??” look on my face he continued “what they do to SOME women, certainly not you!”.

Toast in the Morning

Snow Flower Earring Kit

How about this weather??? To anyone that knows me it is no secret that I wither in cold weather. During times like these you will find me in my office with the portable space heater. If you look closely at the temperature regulator you will see, in the tiniest type imaginable, the words “slightly lower than cremation temp” next to the setting I have chosen.

Eye-Popping Color Combo

Copper Earrings

Copper Earrings

I’ll be adding this kit to the Boutique later today.