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Attention Glass Fusers!

Dichroic Glass Strips
Dichroic Glass Strips

Years ago I not only did glass fusing, I also distributed dichroic glass. I am finding the need to decrease my inventory of glass and so will start offering a bit of it in the store. Depending on how sales go, I might bring more and increase the variety. For now, I have some small strips of pre-cut glass to offer on a trial basis. Buried “somewhere” in my studio are several types that are no longer available. If there seems to be a market for glass in the store, I might just do some excavation to find it!


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Seed Bead Insanity

This week I spent over 20 hours working on seed bead stocking for the store. Ordering, unpacking, tubing, labeling, arranging, etc, and I haven’t even put a dent in what needs to be done.

Every time I devote time to this area of the store I tell myself I am out of my mind. It is by far the most time-consuming, lowest profit item, and is the product line that generates the least amount of sales. (Billy might argue that the headpins he straightens and stocks would be a close second!) Any retail consultant would tell me that I was crazy devoting that much prime space to such an item and they would be right.

Why do I do it? Okay, why DO I do it? I don’t have a good answer. I love the rainbow of colors. Seed beads are the backbone of beading, in my opinion.  When I opened the store there wasn’t a lot of seed bead choices being offered locally and I wanted to fill that niche, I suppose. We’ve got 11’s, 8’s, 6’s, 15’s, Delicas, bugles, cubes, a few triangles and drops. Interestingly enough, the largest percentage of my seed bead sales go to knitters. I would love to expand the Delica section (actually I have many colors still waiting to be put out), but the addage “build it and they will come” doesn’t always work.

If you are a seed beader and haven’t been in lately, you might want to check out the selection. I’m hopelessly addicted to seed beads, for better or worse, and you might just come in one day and see seed bead tubes hanging from the ceiling! If you aren’t a seed beader (yet!) we have several books showing the multitude of things that they can be used to create.

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