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Isn’t She an Angel?

I know I promised a picture of the Crystal Tree, but I couldn’t resist showing you the newest Christmas Earring kit using those wonderful Swarovski® crystals.  It made a brief appearance last season, and is here for an encore.


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I Can See Clearly Now….

For those of you who have been waiting, the store now has the Swarovski® Crystal (clear) Christmas tree kits. Different than last year’s smaller version, they are just like the peridot ones except, well, they are the “clear” and sparkling version instead of the green and sparkling version.

I will try to post a picture soon but currently I have my lights and camera set up for taking pictures of pewter charms. I have it where I want it so I’m not wanting to fool with it until I have all of the pewter charms photograhed. It’s a pain to try to get the lighting back where it was!

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I Am Not a Photographer

but according to the counter on my memory card I have taken 8,648 pictures in its lifetime. Honestly, I don’t recall if it started with number 1, it could be like starting the check numbering on a new bank account with 500 so no one would suspect it is a brand new account. However, it does feel like I’ve taken that many pictures in the last couple of months. I keep waiting for the memory card to finally say “you’ve GOT to be kidding!!! How many times do you think you are going to plug me in before I finally say ENOUGH!!”.

Speaking of photography, I get a lot of questions about how to take pictures. Don’t ask me why, because any professional photographer would tell you I am definitely not one of them! Most people who see my photo set-up laugh. Seriously. My “equipment” consists of:

 a camera that is about 5 or 6 years old

2 desk lamps

a cut up plastic milk jug

a piece of matte photo paper

a sheet of typing paper

and a small plastic drawer from one of those parts bins that you store nuts and bolts in.

That’s it. Well, that and hours and hours of trial and error and cursing, let’s not forget the cursing. I have a friend who paid a lot for some sort of photo studio in a box. When she saw what I use she told me she hated me. Go figure.

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If I Were a Better Photographer…..

Pewter Textured Frames

…… then this picture would accurately show just how awesome these new pewter findings are! Since it doesn’t, I guess you’ll have to come into the store to see for yourself!  I bought a limited number of these for the store to test the waters but I think they will be a regular item if you like them as well.

I can see these linked together for a bracelet, with a gemstone dangling from them as earrings or a necklace, and with those gorgeous Swarovski rivolis glued to the center for an eye-popping focal.

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New Earring Kit in the Works

Eternity  Chainmaille Earrings

Sterling silver and 22k vermeil twist rings. Elegant and easy!

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The Lowly 3mm FP

3mm Czech Firepolish Beads

I’ve mentioned before that I think that 3mm Czech firepolish beads are one of the most underused accent beads available. We all tend to think of gold, silver, copper, just about any of the metal beads as accent beads.

The 3mm FP is small enough that the facets don’t detract from most designs but add just enough sparkle. They are available at The Red Bead in a multitude of colors, from glitzy gold to faux stone finishes. The 3mm fp are all located on the top 2 rows of the Czech bead wall, near the window. You walk by them all of the time on the way to their bigger cousins. Next time you’re in, take a closer look at these misunderstood marvels!I Oh, the one above is copper-lined olivene. Not my best job at photographing, but they are stunning in person! Picture them in your next Autumn design.

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The Red Bead Progress

I’ve had a few inquiries as to why it is taking so long to get the online shopping activated. Well, you might ask Stanley up there ^. He’s the one in charge of pushing things along.

Seriously, even though the ‘brick and mortar’ store is open only 2 days to the public, the same (insert technical word  stuff ) still needs to be done. Ordering, packaging, bill paying, cleaning, repairs, banking, etc. still need to be done. When the store was open 5 days, some of this could be done between customers or by Billy who was a full-time helper for awhile. A lot of it was done on the two days we were closed and late into the evening.

So…..even though it seems like there should be tons of extra time, somehow there is very little “new” time that has been generated by the new hours.

I thank you all for your patience, I know it is taking awhile but I promise I am working on it!

Though I joke around a lot, I am very grateful that you are hanging in there with me!

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