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Hello, My Name is Mary Ann…..

…..and I create beads.

mawga lampwork beads

mawga lampwork beads



I also own a bead store named The Red Bead which is located in the heart of beautiful Napa Valley.

The store opened in July 2006 which means I haven\’t had time to create my lampwork beads since about March 2006. Though I was planning to open a bead store, I really wasn’t planning to do it as quickly as I did. Let’s just say that fate, or serendipity, or some freak series of events propelled me into one of the most exciting and exhausting enterprises relating to beads that I have experienced.

Have you ever stopped to consider how all of those strands of Czech glass beads get on the wall of your favorite bead store? In the case of my store, the beads arrive in what are called “hanks”. Typically a hank is comprised of 12 strands of beads that are tied together at each end. I must undo the knot at each end, being careful not to drop any of the beads off the strands. I then retie the beads into individual strands that can be looped onto a hook for hanging on the wall.  For the most part, this isn’t especially difficult with the help of a very sharp beading awl to dislodge the knot except when (I suspect) the factory worker who tied those original knots had serious anger issues with his employer……”Aha! We’ll just see who can tie the best bead knot Mr. Bighead Bead Boss!”





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